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Now Available at a CAURD Dispensary Near You!
Now Available at a CAURD Dispensary Near You!

Tropicanna Cookies - Whole Flower 3.5g

Introducing our Tropicanna Cookies flower, a vibrant Sativa meticulously bred from the renowned Tangie and Girl Scout Cookies strains. This exceptional flower offers a symphony of flavors and effects that cater to enthusiasts seeking both stimulation and relaxation.

Key Features:

  • Sativa Dominance: A lively blend of Tangie and Girl Scout Cookies, perfect for those who enjoy a cerebral buzz.
  • Energizing and Relaxing: Begins with an invigorating rush of energy, transitioning into a soothing body high that sparks creativity and ends in profound relaxation.
  • Complex Flavor Profile: Indulge in the tantalizing aromas of fresh orange citrus, complemented by undertones of sour spices and earthy pine, culminating in a sweet, fruity, and floral taste.
  • Unique Effects: Experience an initial burst of energy and creativity, followed by a comfortable tingling sensation and a serene, relaxed state in the late afternoon.
  • Freshness Ensured: Packaged in a 3.5g tin with N2 Freshlock technology to preserve its potency, aroma, and freshness.

Perfect for those in pursuit of an uplifting yet ultimately relaxing experience, Tropicanna Cookies offers a unique blend of stimulating and calming effects, enriched by a delightful flavor profile. Whether you're looking to fuel your creativity or unwind after a long day, Tropicanna Cookies is your go-to choice.

Strain: Tropicanna Cookies
THC%/Type: (25% THC, Sativa)
Size: 3.5g Nitrogen Sealed Tin

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