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Now Available at a CAURD Dispensary Near You!
Now Available at a CAURD Dispensary Near You!

Wedding Cake .5 gram Cart

Discover our Wedding Cake .5g Vape Cart, featuring our in-house extracted CO2 Full Spectrum Oil. This Indica-leaning hybrid, a blend of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie strains, delivers relaxation and euphoria with a delightful flavor profile.


  • Potent Experience: Enjoy a powerful 70% THC content for deep relaxation and euphoria.
  • Premium In-House Oil: Our CO2 Full Spectrum Oil ensures a pure, high-quality vaping experience.
  • Rich Flavor: Savor the sweet vanilla and tangy berry notes with earthy undertones.
  • Universal Compatibility: Fits any 510-thread vaporizer for ease of use.
  • Compact Convenience: .5 grams of premium oil in a discreet, easy-to-use cart.

Elevate your vaping with our Wedding Cake .5g Vape Cart, a perfect fusion of our finest CO2 extracted oil, potency, and flavor.

Strain: Wedding Cake
THC%/Type: (70%THC, Indica)
Cart Size: .5 gram Cart, 510 thread

INGREDIENTS: CO2 Full spectrum cannabis extract, cannabis derived terpenes

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